summer 2008: volume 7: issue 3
Oxonian Review of Books

Advertising Rates

Thank you for your interest in advertising with The Oxonian Review. We look forward to finding an arrangement that suits your needs. In general, all business matters should be settled with the Executive Editor.


Per-issue advertising prices are under review.

Discounts for advertisements in multiple issues should be negotiated with the Executive Editor.

For an additional fee at a minimum of 10%, the publisher can design your advertisement.

Format Requirements

Electronic format is preferred, though "hard-copy" (printed media) may also be submitted. Acceptable electronic files must have the following graphic extensions: .gif, .jpg, .tif, .psd, .pct, or .bmp. Images must be at the highest resolution (360 dpi) and will be returned if their poor quality jeopardizes the integrity of The Oxonian Review. While sizing is somewhat flexible, the following size guidelines should be roughly followed (given in width x height):

Hard-copy material must be camera-ready and of sharpest quality. Final printing will be at 360 dpi.

Terms and Conditions

Complete terms and conditions are given in the Contract; key points are summarized here. Advertisers must take sole responsibility for ensuring that published advertisements comply with the requirements of advertising laws and the industry’s regulatory agencies in the United Kingdom. The editorial board of The Oxonian Review maintains the right to reject (in full or in part) any ads that it deems deceptive, distasteful, inconsistent with the publication’s mission, or otherwise unacceptable. Advertisements that use the words "The Oxonian Review of Books" or any similar derivative are discouraged and will be strictly scrutinized by the managing officers. The printing of an advertisement in no way reflects The Oxonian Review’s endorsement or guarantee of the advertised product or service. Submission of advertising material constitutes permission for non-exclusive, perpetual rights for paper and electronic distribution of that material only in the form of archives, where the advertisement is part of our archive.

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