spring 2008: volume 7: issue 2
Oxonian Review of Books

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Joshua Billings studies the German reception of ancient Greek tragedy in Merton College, Oxford.

Abigail Bright is a BCL candidate at Balliol College, Oxford.

Konstanty JM Czartoryski is a finalist at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University.

Jonathan Gharraie is a DPhil student at St. Catherine’s College working on D.H. Lawrence and exile.

Stuart Hallifax is a DPhil student at The Queen’s College, Oxford studying the effect of the First World War on life in Britain.

Daniel Hemel studies international relations at New College, Oxford.

Clif Mark is reading for an MPhil in Political Theory at Oxford.

John-Paul McCarthy, a DPhil student in History at Exeter College, works on Gladstone’s intellectual life.

Vidyan Ravinthiran is is working on a DPhil in English Literature at Balliol, focussing on Elizabeth Bishop and prose-rhythm. A poetry pamphlet is forthcoming from Tall Lighthouse in July 2008.

Deborah Rosario is a DPhil student in the English Faculty at the University of Oxford, working on the writings of the poet, John Milton.

Sarah Ruth Webster is at Oriel College, Oxford writing a thesis about realism and religiosity in George Eliot’s fiction. After a hard day reading Victorian novels, she relaxes by reading other novels.

Asiya Zahoor has been reading for an MPhil in Postcolonial Literatures in Kashmir, India and is now studying Applied Linguistics at Oxford.

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