summer 2008: volume 7: issue 3
Oxonian Review of Books


What do we accept, and from whom?

We welcome:

We primarily publish work from graduates of the University of Oxford, but have from time to time accepted manuscripts from others from within and outside the University.


The Oxonian Review generally publishes essays and book reviews between 1000-3000 words; reviews of theatre, film, music and art may be of shorter length. All pieces will be judged on their individual merits. The Oxonian Review looks for clarity and accessibility as well as depth and rigour. We assume an intelligent, interested audience, capable of understanding a sustained discussion, but not necessarily familiar with the terms used in a specific field. In longer articles, we prefer pieces that include a balanced, contextual discussion of the work and a well-articulated response.

Submission and editorial procedures

The Oxonian Review of Books welcomes the submission of unsolicited pieces, but prefers prospective authors to propose a topic first to the editorial staff. All submitted articles are subject to blind review. Every piece submitted and accepted is likely to undergo multiple rounds of editing, fact-checking and (in some cases) cutting for publication. We reserve the right to edit pieces for stylistic purposes, but make every attempt to consult with authors.

Date of Submission

The deadline for the Oxonian Review of Books Volume 7 Issue 3 is May 1, 2008.


All editorial inquiries should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief, Paul Sonne.

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