26 October, 2015

Fergus McGhee

Look Again

Fergus McGhee visits Venice in drawings

Alexis Brown

The Act of Looking

Alexis Brown reviews a chilling double bill and its significance for the West

Ryan Azad

Sisters in Law

Ryan Azad reflects on the struggle for women's rights in the Supreme Court

Pierre Antoine Zahnd

Directionality, Space, Sense: The Semiotics of the Word Sonnet

Pierre Antoine Zahnd investigates a little-known poetic form

Frank Lawton

Lighting the Past

Frank Lawton appreciates a new collection of short stories

12 October, 2015

Tom Cutterham

Forget Wikipedia

Tom Cutterham imagines a world after capitalism

Dominic Davies

The Gutters of History

Dominic Davies considers the radical potential of comics

Edward Hicks

A Radical Approach to Education

Edward Hicks returns to school

Emily Anderson

Re-Enchanting Nature

Emily Anderson gets lost in the wilderness

Theophilus Kwek

Three Poems

Theophilus Kwek shares three new poems