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A Slight Creature Creeping

Once again, ORbits offers you the opportunity to test your knowledge of all things literary. To celebrate Halloween, this week’s passage comes from a memorable novel exploring the nature of fear:

Hideous, she thought, and then thought that if the house burned away someday the tower would still stand, gray and forbidding over the ruins, warning people away from what was left…with perhaps a stone fallen here and there, so owls and bats might fly in and out and nest among the books below. Halfway up windows began, thin angled slits in the stone, and she wondered what it would be like, looking down from them, and wondered that she had not been able to enter the tower. I will never look down from those windows, she thought, and tried to imagine the narrow iron stairway going up and around inside. High on top was a conical wooden roof, topped by a wooden spire. It must have been laughable in any other house, but here…it belonged, gleeful and expectant, awaiting perhaps a slight creature creeping out from the little window onto the slanted roof, reaching up to the spire, knotting a rope…

The answer to last week’s challenge was The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy.

This week’s answer, and another challenge, on ORbits next week.