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A Warm White Ammonite

Once again, ORbits offers you the opportunity to test your knowledge of all things literary. This week’s passage comes from a collection of poetry inspired by the life and work of Charles Darwin, whose On the Origin of the Species was first published 150 years ago:

“Comparing seeds. Trying experiments
……in salting them to see if they’d survive
floating across an ocean”.
……To, for instance, the Galapagos.

“Have begun, at last, my species book. Shall call it
……Natural Selection“. His secret step in argument.
Twenty years of evidence. Orchids, barnaclesShall call it
……and pigeons. The heart dances in its cave.

He meets the holes of his eyes in darkling glass
……against the winter garden. No one awake.
Slow embers in the grate. The dog, a warm
……white ammonite, curled

in her basket by his feet. Dawn fog dissolves
……among the medlars into a wraith
you see, then lose, in the shape
……of a running girl.

The answer to last week’s challenge was Happy Families by Carlos Fuentes.

This week’s answer, and another challenge, on ORbits next week.