Category: The Arts

22 January, 2015

Elaine Lillian Joseph

From Dereliction To Innovation

20 January, 2015

Ellen Pilsworth

Germany: A Nation Built, Represented, And Remembered By Men

16 December, 2014

Daniel Nicolo Bottiglieri

La Vita di Merda

9 December, 2014

Nathan Ellis

£10 Anarchy

8 December, 2014

Martin Willis

n = 1: Valuing Literature and Science

Martin Willis explores what we should value in literature's engagement with science and in the study of that engagement.

Anja A. Drautzburg

The Theatricality of Flinching

Watt Smith traces the ways in which the perception and understanding of looking and observing changed from 1872 to 1918.

4 December, 2014

Ceci Mancuso

Sweatshop Seamstresses with Scuba Stalactites

2 December, 2014

Pat Butcher

Grief Centre Stage

27 November, 2014

Hugh Foley

Transcending Intention

25 November, 2014

Michael Flood

Inspiring Intelligence