Category: The Arts

3 March, 2016

JC Niala

Beyond the Great Divide

22 February, 2016

Sarah Jilani

Violence and Mimicry

Sarah Jilani discusses 'The Battle of Algiers' at its fiftieth anniversary.

16 February, 2016

Theophilus Kwek

Seven Voices and the Importance of Our Creative Narratives

7 February, 2016

Timothy Foot

Rent Community

1 February, 2016

D. J. O’Neill

A Knife in the Dark

25 November, 2015

Shivani Radhakrishnan

The Everyman and His Attachments

Shivani Radhakrishnan considers the moral ambiguities of contemporary Russian cinema

27 October, 2015

Ellen Pilsworth

‘This is how I live, I am thinking’

26 October, 2015

Fergus McGhee

Look Again

Fergus McGhee visits Venice in drawings

Alexis Brown

The Act of Looking

Alexis Brown reviews a chilling double bill and its significance for the West

23 October, 2015

Lillie Hochwender

An Almost Perfect Storm