Category: The Arts

25 May, 2015

Emily Holman

Art’s Responsibility to Life

Emily Holman reflects on Art's response to the key event of our time.

11 May, 2015

Leo Mercer

Notes Towards A Character-Based Poetics

The second piece in Leo Mercer's series on poetry explores the impact of social media

27 April, 2015

Benedict Morrison

Galvanising the Humanities

Benedict Morrison joins in the celebrations for Laura Mulvey's groundbreaking essay on 'Visual Pleasure'

31 March, 2015

Fergus McGhee

Cold Pastoral?

Fergus McGhee traces the fortunes of an ancient Greek idea

Jenny Messenger

The Shock of the Old

Jenny Messenger explores the British Museum's outstanding exhibition of ancient Greek art

12 March, 2015

Matthew Reza

The Futurist Synthetic Theatre 2015

10 March, 2015

Julia Mahncke

Varicoloured Violin Pop

5 March, 2015

Cameron J. Quinn

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young God

3 March, 2015

Laura Ludtke

Deconstructing Consent

26 February, 2015

Kristin Grogan

Of Dope and Desire