Category: Film & TV

29 June, 2015

Benedict Morrison

Queer Teeth and Contemporary Film Culture

Benedict Morrison worries about the assimilation of the queer

Marco Alessi

An Insubstantial Pageant: A Question of Perspective in The Tempest

Marco Alessi considers the translation of Shakespeare to the big screen

Leo Mercer

The Sound of Poetry: On Verbatim Theatre, London Road, and Future Libretti

Leo Mercer hopes for an operatic revolution

Alex Darby

The kind of films I want to make

Director Alex Darby discusses what moves him to make films

8 June, 2015

Julia Mattison

The Recursive Middle Ages

Julia Mattison comes face to face with a very different Chaucer.

27 April, 2015

Benedict Morrison

Galvanising the Humanities

Benedict Morrison joins in the celebrations for Laura Mulvey's groundbreaking essay on 'Visual Pleasure'

3 March, 2015

Laura Ludtke

Deconstructing Consent

26 February, 2015

Kristin Grogan

Of Dope and Desire

19 February, 2015

Shivani Radhakrishnan

A Time to Remember

16 December, 2014

Daniel Nicolo Bottiglieri

La Vita di Merda