Category: Music

18 February, 2014

Karine Vann

Tigran Hamasyan’s Shadow Theater: Jazz in Concept?

17 February, 2014

Andrew Flather

Second Greatest Living Briton?

Morrissey's Autobiography is a more candid work of self-revelation than the melancholy lyrics that brought him legions of adoring fans.

30 January, 2014

Dominic Davies

Warpaint, Or An Experimental Indie Sound

24 August, 2013

Dominic Davies

Pseudo-Education from the BBC

24 June, 2013

Scarlett Baron

Through a Glass, Disney

Pioneers of pop art and politics join the cartoon king in an operatic take on creation, destruction, and the American way.

4 June, 2013

Helene Wczesniak

Café Central Europe

27 May, 2013

Matthew Western

Harder Than You Think

To read popular music as social discourse first we must hear it on its own terms, says Matthew Western (feat. Public Enemy).

2 May, 2013

Light at the end of the cave…

18 February, 2013

Simon Batten

Green’s grown up

11 February, 2013

Laura Ludtke

Nostalgic voices