Category: Theatre

6 November, 2014

Anja A. Drautzburg

This Is England?

30 October, 2014

Benedict Morrison

The Tales We Tell

16 October, 2014

Cameron Quinn

Laconic Justice

3 June, 2014

Benedict Morrison

A Cautionary Creature

20 May, 2014

Benedict Morrison

Danse Macabre

6 March, 2014

Benedict Nicholson

A Brechtian Parable

5 December, 2013

Daveen Koh

This Great Sea of Joys

15 September, 2013

Rosie Lavan

‘Quietly’ at the Edinburgh Fringe

27 June, 2013

Dominic Davies

H.M. Reigns

24 June, 2013

Scarlett Baron

Through a Glass, Disney

Pioneers of pop art and politics join the cartoon king in an operatic take on creation, destruction, and the American way.