Category: Theatre

16 February, 2015

Benedict Morrison

Noises From The Void

Benedict Morrison argues there's more to "Noises Off" than farce

5 February, 2015

Cécile Roche and Anja A. Drautzburg

Fizzy and Funny and Fine

29 January, 2015

Matthew Cheung Salisbury

I Move in Legal Circles

8 December, 2014

Anja A. Drautzburg

The Theatricality of Flinching

Watt Smith traces the ways in which the perception and understanding of looking and observing changed from 1872 to 1918.

2 December, 2014

Pat Butcher

Grief Centre Stage

6 November, 2014

Anja A. Drautzburg

This Is England?

30 October, 2014

Benedict Morrison

The Tales We Tell

16 October, 2014

Cameron Quinn

Laconic Justice

3 June, 2014

Benedict Morrison

A Cautionary Creature

20 May, 2014

Benedict Morrison

Danse Macabre