Category: Visual Arts

16 February, 2015

Laura Ludtke

More Than “A World Of Imagination And Vision”

Laura Ludtke explores the Ashmolean's lavish William Blake exhibition

10 November, 2014

Fergus McGhee

His Itchy Intelligence

Rembrandt: the Late Works at the National Gallery shows a passionate intellect, searching, sifting, never at rest.

21 October, 2014

April Pierce

On Some Tacky Portraits of Women Taking Over an Oxford Dining Hall: An Open Letter to Hertford College

13 October, 2014

Rey Conquer

The Way Lint Collects

Rey Conquer find that the “meanings” of colours arise through relations and networks of association, within a work, or within a culture.

5 June, 2014

Daveen Koh

Sean Lynch at Modern Art Oxford

22 May, 2014

Emma-Victoria Farr

Beuys and Immendorff at the Ashmolean

19 May, 2014

Judyta Frodyma

“Excuse Emily and her Atoms”

Dickinson's envelope poems peel of the pages of this beautifully organized and presented exhibit-book.

6 May, 2014

Fergus McGhee

Veronese at the National Gallery

Special Issue: Satire

31 March, 2014

Jennifer Thorp

Satire and the Illustration

The Musée d'Orsay's exhibition of works by Gustave Doré reveals the artist's neglected, but prodigious cartoons.

25 March, 2014

Emma-Victoria Farr

Cézanne at the Ashmolean