Category: Classics

25 November, 2013

Helena Taylor

Twenty-First Century Heroines

Clare Pollard entwines her own poetic voice with that of Ovid's in this new translations of love letters from mythological women, writes Helena Taylor.

Nakul Krishna

The Holy Oxen of Egypt

Inwood and Woolf's new translation reclaims and gives voice to an under-read, but important, Aristotelian text, argues Nakul Krishna.

Special Issue: Translation

8 July, 2013

Liz Sawyer

Translating the Untranslatable

In recovering the contexts of Thucydides's history, Jeremy Mynott faces the perennial challenges of translation.

17 February, 2013

Emma Park

Blow Up Media Studies

Emma Park takes umbrage with Toby Miller's gunpowder plot for the humanities as we know it.

22 October, 2012

Katie Low

The Supreme Leader

Katie Low assesses Aloys Winterling's biography of Caligula, a young man exulting in the possession of enormous power.

3 October, 2012

Thomas Moore

Letter from Greece

15 November, 2010

Katie Low

In Rome’s Shadow

Richard Miles' Carthage Must be Destroyed

1 March, 2010

Nora Goldschmidt

No, Virgil, No

R.D. Williams The Aeneid