Category: Creative Writing

31 October, 2015

Len Krisak

70 B.C./A.D. 2001

12 October, 2015

Theophilus Kwek

Three Poems

Theophilus Kwek shares three new poems

11 June, 2015

Christopher Oakey

Dig Tree

9 June, 2015

Christopher Oakey

In that place the bulls run with streamers in their hair

25 May, 2015

Leo Mercer

Notes Towards a Character-Based Poetics

Leo Mercer concludes his impassioned defence of poetry.

28 April, 2015

Theophilus Kwek

Poetry Competition 2015 Runner-Up

27 April, 2015

Ian Dudley

Poetry Competition 2015 Winner

Ian Dudley shares his winning entry from last term's poetry competition

27 March, 2015

Oxford Student PEN


26 March, 2015

Oxford Student PEN

The Dead

25 March, 2015

Oxford Student PEN

Nothing stays on the table except the trace of your hand…