Category: History

Special Issue: Satire

31 March, 2014

Clare Bucknell

Satire: What’s the Point

Clare Bucknell explores the unsteady relationship of satire to itself in the English eighteenth century.

Joe Hone

Satire Reconstituted

Joe Hone challenge's the status of the eighteenth century as the locus classicus of English literary satire.

17 March, 2014

Dominic Davies

Writing an Imperial(ist) History

John Darwin's Unfinished Empire provides a sweeping history of the subject, but is uncritical about its own theoretical foundations.

Philippe-Andre Rodriguez

Racism Is Inherently Plural

Francisco Bethencourt's Racismschallenges the traditional historiography of racism as a distinctively modern phenomenon.

Gabriel Roberts

Why History, Exactly?

Anthony Pagden's The Enlightenment: And Why It Still Matters inadvertently exemplifies the difficulties of making history relevant today.

3 March, 2014

Laura Ludtke

Reading Reading Victiorian Deafness

Laura Ludtke considers how deafness in the nineteenth-century challenged received ideas about language.

Michael Easson

Burke’s Great Melody Against It

Michael Easson finds Edmund Burke miscast as a conservative in Jesse Norman's new biography.

Riki Miyoshi

Selling Monarchy

Riki Miyoshi on the final installment of Kevin Sharpe's epic history of the changing image of the English Monarchy, Rebranding Rule.

Special Issue: Comics

23 December, 2013

Laura Ludtke

Kate Beaton and the Irony of History-as-Comic

Laura Ludtke introduces the proliferating world of online comics and, in particular, Kate Beaton's satirical re-drawing of history.

9 December, 2013

Edward Hicks

Uneven Histories

Brendan Simms writes important counter histories, but his objectivity dwindles when he turns his gaze upon contemporary events.