Issue 15.1

17 January, 2011

Rahul Prabhakar

The Delegate and the Trustee

Tony Blair's A Journey reflects on the democratic dilemma of serving as a delegate versus serving as a trustee.

Ceri Hunter


Two new collections of Bronté's writings contain the passion, conflict, and torment of the Bronté Myth.

Alexander Barker

The Genial Self

Mary Midgley's The Solitary Self shows that the interactions of genes need not be described as selfish.

Rachel Abramowitz

Something Understood

Mark Doty's The Art of Description deconstructs the process for turning the world into word.

Naomi Pendle

Cattle Camps or the Classroom

Naomi Pendle explains the value of education in South Sudan, where inter-tribal raiding has been on the rise.