Issue 15.2

31 January, 2011

Alex Niven and Stephen Ross

Newly Elastic Approaches to Modernism

Alexandria Harris's Romantic Moderns disappointingly reduces modernist "crisis" to pastoralist, naive nationalism.

Ed Sugden

A Fragment of the Mystery We Are

Marilynne Robinson's Absence of Mind dismisses "parascientific" theory to uphold the self as a free actor.

Luke Maxted

A Modern Apostle

In The Fry Chronicles, Stephen Fry treats Cambridge as he does himself, transforming it into an ideal.

Paul Sweeten

Between Fiction and Autobiography

Saul Bellow's Letters exhibits a vitalising honesty, but conceals the deeper affections of the novelist's spirit.

Joel Krupa

An Interview with Robert Bateman

Wildlife artist Robert Bateman discusses bridging the gap between the modern and natural world.