Issue 15.3

14 February, 2011

Scarlett Baron

Point and Counterpoint

Amy Sackville's The Still Point explores themes of fixity and movement, love and distance, domesticity and adventure.

Rachel Abramowitz

Song of Himself

More pretentious than insightful, C.K. Williams's On Whitman promises much but delivers little.

Austeja Mackelaite

Internal Structures of Meaning

Michael Fried's The Moment of Caravaggio considers the nexus of the artist's painterly and social relationships.

Jonathan Leader Maynard

A Doubtful Genealogy

David Patterson's A Genealogy of Evil tries but fails to link persuasively Jihadism to Nazism.

Janet Remmington

Snake in the Cosmos

The winner of the Oxonian Review's third annual poetry competition.