Issue 15.6

4 April, 2011

Rachel Abramowitz

The Finite Furnished with the Infinite

Helen Vendler's Dickinson balances a broad view of the poet's life with a penetrating philosophical depth.

Reinier van Straten

Till We Have Built Jerusalem

Simon Sebag Montefiore's Jerusalem: The Biography excavates the sacred city's memories and historical multiplicity.

Oliver Cussen

The Sun Sets in the West

Niall Ferguson's Civilization anatomises reasons for Western ascendancy, while predicting the West's relative decline.

John Feddersen

Bringing Down the House

Hans-Werner Sinn's Casino Capitalism locates the cause of the financial crisis in banks' insufficient equity reserves.

Josh Rosaler

An Interview with Brian Greene

Brian Greene speaks about parallel worlds, the new atheism, and the relationship between the humanities and sciences.