Issue 16.1

2 May, 2011

Kate Steinweg

A High Altar on the Move

Richard Greene's Edith Sitwell seeks to restore the poet to critical acclaim with an intimate account of her eccentric life.

Alex Niven

Controlling and Composing

Albiez's and Pattie's Kraftwerk: Music Non-Stop salvages the band's subversive modernism from geek chic commodification.

Rachel Abramowitz

Half in Love

Savich's The Firestorm navigates a frozen transformation, vacillating between entrancement and estrangement.

William Kolkey and Alexander Barker

An Interview with Niall Ferguson

Ferguson deplores waning Western self-confidence and counsels engaging children with the brushstrokes of history.

Scarlett Baron

An Interview with David Nicholls

David Nicholls discusses hidden significance, reaching middle age, and adapting One Day for the screen.