Issue 16.3

Special Issue: Culture 2011

30 May, 2011

Adam Harper

Record Recollection

Simon Reynolds' Retromania offers a diagnosis for the unoriginality of music in the last decade.

Zoë May Sullivan

Chocolate, Snuggles, and Straight Hair

Laurie Penny's Meat Market urges women to transcend liberal feminism and refuse patriarchal expectations.

Tom May

All Work and No Pay

Ivor Southwood's Non-Stop Inertia analyses the degrading and increasingly widespread phenomenon of precarious work.

Michael Willand

World of the Living Dead

Evan Calder Williams' Combined and Uneven Apocalypse deciphers repressed malaise in capitalist apocalyptic fantasies.

Alex Niven

Bind and Heal: An Interview with Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds discusses the current state of mediocrity, and the potential for creativity, in music.