Issue 17.2

31 October, 2011

Paul Sweeten

An Interview with George Szirtes

Poet and translator George Szirtes talks to the Oxonian Review about language, photographs and winning the T.S. Eliot prize.

Tim Smith-Laing

Dante in Love

A.N. Wilson's Dante in Love shows genuine love and learning of the Commedia, yet struggles to contain Dante’s world.

Mike Jakeman

The Dark Art

Amol Rajan's Twirlymen and Shehan Karunatilaka's Chinaman explore cricket's most arcane skill: the art of spin bowling.

Jane Han

Temple of Dreams

Jane Han takes a journey through Rome’s fabled Cinecitta, finding the skeletal remains of the once legendary film studios.

Luke Smith

Four Poems: Luke Smith

Original poetry by Luke Smith.