Issue 17.4

28 November, 2011

Stephen Hussey

The Divided Shelf

Christopher Hitchens' Arguably collects over 600 pages of comment and reportage from an unquiet contrarian.

Aime Williams

British Verses

The Best British Poetry 2011 anthologises some of the finest British poets writing today, from Emily Berry to Amy De'Ath.

Angus Brown

Influencing Harold Bloom

Harold Bloom's The Anatomy of Influence attempts to recount the influences of America's most famous literary critic.

Abhishek Majumdar

Weathering Conflict

Andrew Roberts' The Storm of War embarks on a new history of World War II, addressing the inevitability of Nazi defeat.

Rhys Williams

Committed Fiction

China Miéville's Embassytown takes us to Arieka, a planet on which humans live among an indigenous population.