Issue 18.4

27 February, 2012

Joe Kennedy

The Territory of Modernism

Alexandra Harris' Virginia Woolf offers little detail about the great modernist's life, and is only notable for its quaintness.

Tom Cutterham

The Problem of Doing Something

Simon Critchley's Faith of the Faithless recovers religious methods to outline a bold plan for political activism.

Alexandra Manglis

Perpetuating the Myth

Gary Spencer Millidge's Alan Moore: Storyteller is exhaustive, but takes Moore's legendary biography at face value.

Alexander Bubb

A Smooth Transition

Alex Bubb meditates on the history of the landscape surrounding the Windsor to Slough railway line.

Ernest Hilbert

Three Poems

Ernest Hilbert's debut collection Sixty Sonnets was published in 2009. He hosts the popular blog