Issue 18.6

26 March, 2012

Alexander Barker

The Invisible Hand

Giorgio Agamben's The Kingdom and the Glory argues for the continuing relevance of medieval conceptions of the state.

Will Pooley

What’s In A Name?

Matthew Gerber's Bastards offers a frustratingly legalistic account of the social role of illegitimacy.

Josh Rosaler

The Feynman Behind the Myth

Lawrence M. Krauss' Quantum Man reveals a more complex, yet still elusive, Richard Feynman than ever before.

Interview with David Lammy MP

The MP for Tottenham reflects on the causes and impact of the riots, and discusses his new book Out of the Ashes.

Len Krisak

Four Translations of Rilke

Len Krisak is an award winning translator who has, most recently, translated Virgil's Eclogues and Horace's Odes.