Issue 19.2

7 May, 2012

Alexander Barker

Cloud Capitalism

Rob Coley and Dean Lockwood's Cloud Time is a Zizekian rhapsody that is strong on style but hazy on ideas for resisting "cloud capitalism".

Hanna Bailey

Prose Games

Chad Harbach's The Art of Fielding is a classic American display of allusiveness and stylistic showboating by a promising debut talent.

Sorcha Kurien-Walsh

After the Agony

Rachel Cusk's Aftermath tackles the politics of divorce with fresh insight but falters because of its author's solipsism.

Paul Scott

The Woman Who Wasn’t There

Heike B. Görtemaker's Eva Braun is a chilling portrait of Nazi Germany that is frustratingly opaque about its ostensible subject.

David Shook

Three Poems

Original poetry by David Shook.