Issue 19.4

4 June, 2012

Alexander Barker and Alex Niven

An Interview with Terry Eagleton

Terry Eagleton discusses religion, identity, the state of literary criticism, and the current revival of leftist discourse.

Scarlett Baron

An Interview with Alan Hollinghurst

A great prose stylist discusses Freud, Victorian architecture, and his latest novel The Stranger's Child.

Philipp M. Hildebrand and Rahul Prabhakar

Capital Rules

Charles Goodhart's The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision contains a mountain of material on global banking regulation.

Kevin Brazil

The Surrealism of Everyday Life

Jeremy Deller's Joy in People explores an alternative Britishness founded in the magic of popular culture and the quotidian.

Hannah Joll


Nathan Englander's What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank is a worthy homage to Raymond Carver.