Issue 19.5

Special Issue: Poetry

18 June, 2012

David Sergeant

Bruised in Order to Ferment

Peter Redgrove's Collected Poems is an overly expansive compilation of verse best sampled in small doses.

Chloe Stopa-Hunt

Movements of the Earth

John Kinsella's Armour is the work of an ethical poet for whom social critique and lyric nuance work in tandem.

Kit Edgar

Everything in Excess

Anne Carson's Antigonick is a convincing translation of Sophocles that puts emphasis on chaos and irony.

Adrienne J. Odasso

Past Tension

Simon Armitage's The Death of King Arthur attempts to emulate the success of his acclaimed update of Gawain and the Green Knight.

Chloe Stopa-Hunt

An Interview with Jamie McKendrick

The Liverpudlian poet discusses form, his translations from the Italian, and the inexorable qualities of the agave plant.