Issue 19.6

2 July, 2012

Andrew Fleming

A Weird Significance

José Saramago's The Lives of Things is a newly published translation of uncanny short stories from the late-1970s.

Rosie Lavan

Grand Narratives

Michael Apted's 56 Up is the latest installment in a seminal experiment in social history and film making.

Joshua Rosaler

Revolutionary Theory

Josh Rosaler assesses Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions on the fiftieth anniversary of its publication.

Hugh Reid

Shock of the New Horror

Jason Zinoman's Shock Value explores the trailblazing creativity and gory excess of seventies slasher flicks.

Paul Sweeten

An Interview with Nikki Emerson

Paul Sweeten talks to Paralympic athlete and Oxford graduate Nikki Emerson.