Issue 20.1

7 October, 2012

Houman Barekat

The Imperialism of PE

Houman Barekat finds Marc Perelman's Barbaric Sport unconvincing, and laced with contempt for 'the spectating mass'.

Sirio Canos i Donnay

Bigger, More Competitive, More Complex

What is the origin of social inequality? In The Creation of Inequality, two archaeologists update Rousseau, but with flaws of their own.

Harriet Fitch Little

Caste Rule

Jonathan Priestland's engaging history of power Merchant, Soldier, Sage curiously omits a fourth, undervalued caste: the workers.

Tyler Fisher

His Days are Numbered

José María Merino experiments with form and narrative persona in this constellation of microfictions, El libro de las horas contadas.

Rosie Lavan

Incredible Scenes

Rosie Lavan finds Etonians impressive and John Robins's vajazzling delightful, at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.