Issue 20.2

22 October, 2012

Sam Caleb

Willesden Redux

Zadie Smith's NW adds nothing to the modernist experimentalism she emulates, writes Sam Caleb.

Kevin Brazil

Glimpses of Revolutionary History

Kevin Brazil goes to the Barbican for an exhibition caught up in the paradox of movement in photography.

Katie Low

The Supreme Leader

Katie Low assesses Aloys Winterling's biography of Caligula, a young man exulting in the possession of enormous power.

Gabriel Roberts

What Feet Know

In our special focus on Robert Macfarlane's The Old Ways, Gabriel Roberts finds it a gesture towards the inexpressable.

Judyta Frodyma

Journey to the Self

Judyta Frodyma finds The Old Ways tows readers along a narcissistic path of self-indulgent prose.