Issue 20.3

4 November, 2012

Joe Kennedy

Poetry’s Government

Fiona Sampson's Beyond the Lyric props up the hegemony of a moribund poetics, argues Joe Kennedy.

Tim Smith-Laing

An Improvisatory Feel

Tim Smith-Laing finds D.T. Max's biography of David Foster Wallace, a life curiously lacking in life.

Sarah Hopkins

A Geometry of His Own

In The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles, Sarah Hopkins finds characters shadowed by the certainty of their own destruction.

Owen Hopkins

Urban Renaissance Travelogue

A New Kind of Bleak is an acerbic, if sometimes alienating critique of pseudo-modernism, finds Owen Hopkins.

Morgan Davies

Tell Me Something True

The Master is at heart a film about repression and the tragedy of queer history, writes Morgan Davies.