Issue 20.5

2 December, 2012

Sam Reilly

A Brief Perusal

We present the winning entry in the Oxonian Review Short Story Competition, 2012.

Rosie Lavan

Pre-Raphaelite Ways of Life

Rosie Lavan visits Tate Britain's provocative exhibition, Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde

Charne Lavery

Complete With Dreadlocks and Cigarette

Moving Spirit celebrates the legacy and Oxford life of Zimbabwean writer Charles Dambudzo Marechera.

Nicolas Stone Villani

Religion of Liberty

Nicolas Stone Villani assesses a history of religion and liberty in Italy, from the late Middle Ages to Berlusconi.

Emma Park

In Love With Cromwell

Bring Up the Bodies brings Hilary Mantel's trilogy even closer to its timely hero, writes Emma Park.