Issue 22.4

10 June, 2013

Calum Mechie and Simon Morley

Neutralising Orwell

The prize which bears George Orwell's name pays no homage to the polemical principles which charged his work.

Gabriel Roberts

The Creations of Edward Thomas

Despite problems of retrospect, this novel about the making of the poet is a valuable contribution as interest in Thomas grows.

Nakul Krishna

Novel Conceits

Hamid's experiments with genre and form are a singular achievement, not an agenda for the fiction of globalisation.

Scarlett Baron

Argosies of Magic Sails

Historical figures and grand ambitions are packed into Holmes's narrative basket as he charts the rise of ballooning.

Luke Brunning

A Structure of the Psyche

Strictly hyphenated manic-depression is posited as a genre of mental experience in a timely look at bipolar disorder.