Issue 22.5

24 June, 2013

Grace Egan

The Gospel According to Hadley

There's much to enjoy in the detail of this individualist tract, but the real virtue of pop feminism is polyphony.

Rhian E. Jones

The Indecipherable Cipher

She retains her haunting power, but the official life begins with a Thatcher more real than we might have imagined.

Scarlett Baron

Through a Glass, Disney

Pioneers of pop art and politics join the cartoon king in an operatic take on creation, destruction, and the American way.

Stephanie Yorke

Your Boomerang Won’t Come Back

Stephanie Yorke comes face to face with an advert that underwrites economic inequality with family values.

Ré Phillips

Reweaving the Eternal Circle

The artist Ré Phillips explains the processes and the politics which have shaped the work in her first solo exhibition.