Issue 23.2

28 October, 2013

Laura Ludtke

A Labyrinthine Monograph

Christopher Meredith's analysis of the Song of Songs is an unexpectedly lucid journey through spatial theory, argues Laura Ludtke.

Calum Mechie

A Socialist and A Saint

Some say football is a matter of life and death, but David Peace has revealed why, for Bill Shankly, it was so much more than that.

Rosie Lavan

Fugitive Moments

Though these essays perform valuable acts of literary and cultural recovery, chance encounters are rare and easily missed, finds Rosie Lavan.

Gabriel Roberts

Ecological Boredom

George Monbiot's call for a "rewilding" of both ecosystems and the people that inhabit them is confused in its vague definition of that term.

Ellen Coombs

Food Glorious Food

Ellen Coombs explains just what the labels that assuage our emerging ethical food consciousness and culture actually mean.