Issue 23.4

25 November, 2013

Fergus McGhee

Who do people say I am?

Fergus McGhee finds that though Reza Aslan has produced a necessary counter history, he underestimates the power of Jesus' non-violence.

Eleanor Hamblen

Understanding Parenthood

Rachel Bowlby's exploration of changing conceptions of parenthood results in a convincing, if not entirely cohesive argument, finds Eleanor Hamblen.

Chris Green

More Than Something?

Chris Green reflects on the evolving role of the public intellectual and his most recent, and most hefty, philosophical contribution.

Helena Taylor

Twenty-First Century Heroines

Clare Pollard entwines her own poetic voice with that of Ovid's in this new translations of love letters from mythological women, writes Helena Taylor.

Nakul Krishna

The Holy Oxen of Egypt

Inwood and Woolf's new translation reclaims and gives voice to an under-read, but important, Aristotelian text, argues Nakul Krishna.