Issue 24.2

3 February, 2014

Daniel Hitchens

The Poet is Always Potentially Subversive

James Andrew Taylor's biography of the poet Vernon Scannell provides fresh insights into the artistic cousin of Philip Larkin.

Peter Hill

By What Alchemy? Testimonies from the Arab Risings

Personal testimonies of the Arab Spring are an antidote to cynicism and resignation in the Western view of the risings, writes Peter Hill.

Emily Williams

The Coming Global Order

Charles Kupchan offers an alternative future vision that avoids scaremongering about the Chinese or lamenting the West's lost greatness.

Tom Sharrad

Walking to Byzantium

Patrick Leigh Fermor's posthumously published The Broken Road is a warm, erudite, and funny tribute to a continent teetering on the brink of disaster.

Peter Auger

Boxers and Saints: Imagining a Rebellion

Peter Auger on the generation and denial of paradigms of self-transformation in Gene Luen Yang's two-part graphic novel Boxers & Saints.