Issue 24.5

17 March, 2014

Paul Sagar

Life as a Humanistic Discipline

The essays and reviews of the philosopher Bernard Williams reveal what can be achieved in a lifetime devoted to learning.

Dominic Davies

Writing an Imperial(ist) History

John Darwin's Unfinished Empire provides a sweeping history of the subject, but is uncritical about its own theoretical foundations.

Philippe-Andre Rodriguez

Racism Is Inherently Plural

Francisco Bethencourt's Racisms challenges the traditional historiography of racism as a distinctively modern phenomenon.

Tom Cutterham

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid!

Benjamin Kunkel's Utopia or Bust reflects a current trend towards pragmatic engagement by the radical left wing.

Gabriel Roberts

Why History, Exactly?

Anthony Pagden's The Enlightenment: And Why It Still Matters inadvertently exemplifies the difficulties of making history relevant today.