Issue 25.2

19 May, 2014

Will Harris

What’s New, Parmenides?

Though engaging, Michael North's attempt at Novelty is a Lucretian exercise in the rearrangement of familiar elements.

Shahla Haque

Donna Tartt’s Paintbrush

Donna Tartt's Pulitzer Prize winner is 'redolent and compelling' at times, but the characters and plot fall flat and thin.

Calum Mechie

Bannockburns’ Shortfalls

Robert Crawford misses some of the story by telescoping seven centuries of history into the legacy of one battle.

Christy Edwall


Lydia Davis' newest collection flashes moments of brilliance, but lacks the consistency and generosity exemplary of her work.

Judyta Frodyma

“Excuse Emily and her Atoms”

Dickinson's envelope poems peel of the pages of this beautifully organized and presented exhibit-book.