Issue 4.2

1 March, 2005

Glen Goodman

The Nonagenarian and the Nymphette

On Gabriel García Márquez's Newest Novel

Florian Huehne

Prime Obsession

Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Puzzle in Mathematics

Anabella Pomi

After Horace: II.3

Anabella Pomi

After Horace: II.10

Anabella Pomi

After Horace: I.23

Tim Soutphommasane & Shaun Chau

Talking Power

An Interview with Joseph Nye

Kristin Anderson

From Prophesy to Punk

Marjane Satrapi's Alternative Iran

Will May

Stevie Smith in Combat

Romana Huk's Stevie Smith: Between the Lines

Philip Pullman

Once upon a time, and what happened next…

Philip Pullman at the Oxford Women's Luncheon Club

Angma D. Jhala

Living and Loving Dangerously

Sandor Marai's Casanova in Bolzano