Issue 7.3

15 June, 2008

Jonathan Gharraie

Naipaul’s Darkness

V.S. Naipaul's A Writer's People and Patrick French's The World Is What It Is

Matt Hill

The Importance of Being Oscar Wao

Junot Díaz's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Benjamin Skipp

Telling Tales on Musical Genius

Alex Ross's The Rest Is Noise and Oliver Sacks's Musicophilia

David Sergeant

Stories to Herself

Nobel Prize Winner Doris Lessing's Alfred and Emily

James Appell

Forgotten Conscripts No Longer

Tom Hickman's Called Up, Sent Down: The Bevin Boy's War

George Hoare

Reason and Terror

September 11th and Martin Amis's The Second Plane

John-Paul McCarthy

One Shit at a Time

Jonathan Powell's Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland

Samsher Gill

The Value of Economic Shock and Awe

Iraq and The Three Trillion Dollar War by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

Scarlett Baron

Nothing To Be Frightened Of

An Interview with Julian Barnes

Tumi Makgetla

Bob the Bewildering

Heidi Holland's Dinner with Mugabe and Martin Meredith's Power, Plunder and the Struggle for Zimbabwe