Category: Literary Criticism

22 February, 2021

Serena Alagappan

The Liaison between Love and Denial

Roland Barthes, trans. Richard Howard, A Lover's Discourse: Fragments

20 August, 2020

Dom Hewett

Less safe than strange?

Clive James, Somewhere Becoming Rain: Collected Writings on Philip Larkin

7 June, 2019

Xavier Buxton

Extreme Contemporaries

Simon Critchley, Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us

24 May, 2019

Philip Murray Wilson


Fredric Jameson, Allegory and Ideology

23 November, 2018

Rebecca Loxton

Time Constrained

Zadie Smith, Feel Free

8 November, 2018

Melissa Purkiss

Sleep, Memory

Vladimir Nabokov and Gennady Barabtarlo (ed.), Insomniac Dreams

14 June, 2018

Samuel Filby

Our Lives in Language

Toril Moi, Revolution of the Ordinary

14 May, 2018

Nicolas Liney

A Strange Assemblage

Fiona Sampson's In Search of Mary Shelley: The Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein

16 November, 2017

Toby Lloyd

Who will review the reviewer?

13 October, 2017

Gabriel Roberts

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