Category: The Essay

20 November, 2017

Nicolas Liney

Form follows Dysfunction

Brian Dillon's Essayism

16 November, 2017

Toby Lloyd

Who will review the reviewer?

16 October, 2017

Nicolas Liney

“Were the heavens, then, a time-piece?”

Horatio Morpurgo's The Paradoxal Compass: Drake's Dilemma

5 June, 2017

Chris Townsend

To gulp, rather than to taste

A new edition of Montaigne's meandering essays.

2 March, 2015

Sanders Bernstein

Smudging the Sunset

Sanders Bernstein counts the cost of Meghan Daum's crusade against sentimentality

Kanta Dihal

Must Everything Really Die?

Kanta Dihal enjoys an anthology of bad ideas

16 May, 2011

Thomas Wright

The Difficult Art of Prose

At Oxford, Oscar Wilde studiously absorbed the prose of his literary idols to craft his own unique voice.