Category: The Middle East

15 December, 2020

Joseph Turner

Intimate but Distant

Mina Gorji, Art of Escape. Shortlisted in the Oxonian Review Summer Book Competition

16 March, 2015

Kristin Grogan

An Interview with Jenny Lewis

Kristin Grogan speaks to the poet about writing, war, and the Epic of Gilgamesh

24 November, 2014

Karthick Manoharan

Introduce a Little Anarchy

Manoharan considers the limits of the moral superiority of anarchism in the latest collection of Chomsky's essays.

13 October, 2014

Dominic Davies

Words, Stones and Poetry

A Bird Is Not A Stone is simultaneously a testament to the power of poetry and the resolute and ongoing cultural production of Palestinian poets across the world.

3 February, 2014

Peter Hill

By What Alchemy? Testimonies from the Arab Risings

Personal testimonies of the Arab Spring are an antidote to cynicism and resignation in the Western view of the risings, writes Peter Hill.

Special Issue: Comics

23 December, 2013

Charlotta Salmi

A Canvas for Popular Dissent: Zahra’s Paradise

The comic form lends itself to political commentary and resistance, and has been taken up to great effect by protestors in Iran, writes Charlotta Salmi.

Dominic Davies

Joe Sacco: Representing Palestine

Joe Sacco's journalistic project to give a voice to the unheard self-consciously navigates the politics, and problems, of representation.

27 May, 2013

Harriet Fitch Little

Mores and Moralities

Shereen El Feki offers a bold, wide-ranging, and even-handed analysis of sex, politics and religion in the Arab world.

16 May, 2012

Peter Anderson

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

16 January, 2012

Peter Hill

The Drama of Arab History

Margaret Litvin's Hamlet's Arab Journey examines the staging of Hamlet in the Middle East.