Category: Politics & Society

17 March, 2014

Dominic Davies

Writing an Imperial(ist) History

John Darwin's Unfinished Empire provides a sweeping history of the subject, but is uncritical about its own theoretical foundations.

Philippe-Andre Rodriguez

Racism Is Inherently Plural

Francisco Bethencourt's Racismschallenges the traditional historiography of racism as a distinctively modern phenomenon.

Tom Cutterham

It’s the Political Economy, Stupid!

Benjamin Kunkel's Utopia or Bust reflects a current trend towards pragmatic engagement by the radical left wing.

5 March, 2014

LSE Archives

Photo of the Week: Margaret Bondfield Campaigns for World Disarmament

3 March, 2014

Michael Easson

Burke’s Great Melody Against It

Michael Easson finds Edmund Burke miscast as a conservative in Jesse Norman's new biography.

Karthick Manoharan

Engaging the Event

Karthick Manoharan on why Slavoj Žižek is the most dangerous philosopher in the West.

17 February, 2014

Gabriel Roberts

What are Justifications For?

Helen Small's The Value of the Humanities provides an effective commentary on the debate, but raises deeper questions about the nature of justification.

3 February, 2014

Peter Hill

By What Alchemy? Testimonies from the Arab Risings

Personal testimonies of the Arab Spring are an antidote to cynicism and resignation in the Western view of the risings, writes Peter Hill.

Emily Williams

The Coming Global Order

Charles Kupchan offers an alternative future vision that avoids scaremongering about the Chinese or lamenting the West’s lost greatness.

Special Issue: Comics

23 December, 2013

Charlotta Salmi

A Canvas for Popular Dissent: Zahra’s Paradise

The comic form lends itself to political commentary and resistance, and has been taken up to great effect by protestors in Iran, writes Charlotta Salmi.