Category: Politics & Society

8 May, 2018

Jonathan Egid

Points of View

Timothy Williamson's Tetralogue

23 April, 2018

Maya Krishnan

Midlife: a User’s Manual

Kieran Setiya's Midlife: A Philosophical Guide

14 February, 2018

Charlotte Figueroa

Visual Reclamation

31 October, 2017

Felix von Stumm

Solemn Foolery

24 October, 2017

Elliot Koubis

Lost for words

16 May, 2017

Martin Lohrer

Russian Revolution Redux

9 May, 2017

Sasha Dovzhyk

Europa On Trial?

4 May, 2017

Myrto Aspioti


20 January, 2017

Ernesto Oyarbide

Advance: Searching for Utopia(s) in the Age of Trump and ISIS

Ernesto Oyarbide on Adam Curtis, Utopia, and the post-Trump world.

20 June, 2016

Benjamin Pope

Landscape and Politics from Reef to Desert

Benjamin Pope reflects on Tim Winton's Australian landscape memoir.