Category: Politics & Society

31 October, 2017

Felix von Stumm

Solemn Foolery

24 October, 2017

Elliot Koubis

Lost for words

16 May, 2017

Martin Lohrer

Russian Revolution Redux

9 May, 2017

Sasha Dovzhyk

Europa On Trial?

4 May, 2017

Myrto Aspioti


20 January, 2017

Ernesto Oyarbide

Advance: Searching for Utopia(s) in the Age of Trump and ISIS

Ernesto Oyarbide on Adam Curtis, Utopia, and the post-Trump world.

20 June, 2016

Benjamin Pope

Landscape and Politics from Reef to Desert

Benjamin Pope reflects on Tim Winton's Australian landscape memoir.

4 June, 2016

Wrap Up The Week: On The Canon, Picasso, Meeting ISIS, T.S. Eliot’s Issues, And Modern Campuses

19 May, 2016

Rey Conquer

A Sense of Place

16 May, 2016

Wrap Up The Week: Allegory, Unfinished Art, The Future of Novels, Apostrophes! and Literary Criticism Revisited