Category: Social Policy

23 April, 2012

Gabriel Roberts

Public Schools

Stefan Collini's What Are Universities For? argues for the enduring importance of higher education in the wake of government cuts.

26 March, 2012

Interview with David Lammy MP

The MP for Tottenham reflects on the causes and impact of the riots, and discusses his new book Out of the Ashes.

12 February, 2012

Gabriel Roberts

Is Ugliness Necessary?

25 July, 2011

Gabriel Roberts

Impact Assessment

A collection of academics seek in The Public Value of the Humanities to demonstrate the significance of their research.

13 June, 2011

Gavin Jacobson

Spirit of Resistance

Stéphane Hessel's Time for Outrage! urges that the state of the world requires a return to simple moral indignation.

Special Issue: Culture 2011

30 May, 2011

Zoë May Sullivan

Chocolate, Snuggles, and Straight Hair

Laurie Penny's Meat Market urges women to transcend liberal feminism and refuse patriarchal expectations.

Tom May

All Work and No Pay

Ivor Southwood's Non-Stop Inertia analyses the degrading and increasingly widespread phenomenon of precarious work.

7 February, 2011

William Kolkey and Alexander Barker

An Interview with Richard Watson

New technologies' influence on our minds

17 January, 2011

Naomi Pendle

Cattle Camps or the Classroom

Naomi Pendle explains the value of education in South Sudan, where inter-tribal raiding has been on the rise.

1 June, 2009

Mark Baker

The Spectre of the Hooligan

Anastassia Tsoukala's Football Hooliganism in Europe: Security and Civil Liberties in the Balance