Category: Religion

5 May, 2014

Fergus McGhee

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

Terry Eagleton hails the God of the Hebrew Bible as an anti-deity who champions the poor and powerless.

25 February, 2014

Fergus McGhee

Sex and the City of God

17 February, 2014

Fergus McGhee

An Interview with Diarmaid MacCulloch

Fergus McGhee talks to one of the world's leading historians about the current state of Christianity and the value of academic research.

6 February, 2014

John Ritzema

Seated at the right hand of Power: Rowan Williams on faith and force

28 November, 2013

Orion Edgar

Rowan Williams Returns

25 November, 2013

Fergus McGhee

Who do people say I am?

Fergus McGhee finds that though Reza Aslan has produced a necessary counter history, he underestimates the power of Jesus' non-violence.

27 May, 2013

Harriet Fitch Little

Mores and Moralities

Shereen El Feki offers a bold, wide-ranging, and even-handed analysis of sex, politics and religion in the Arab world.

29 April, 2013

David Sergeant

Tests of Faith

David Sergeant finds a God-like Coetzee playing with our will to believe in what we thought we knew.

2 December, 2012

Nicolas Stone Villani

Religion of Liberty

Nicolas Stone Villani assesses a history of religion and liberty in Italy, from the late Middle Ages to Berlusconi.

27 February, 2012

Tom Cutterham

The Problem of Doing Something

Simon Critchley's Faith of the Faithless recovers religious methods to outline a bold plan for political activism.