Category: Sport

31 October, 2011

Mike Jakeman

The Dark Art

Amol Rajan's Twirlymen and Shehan Karunatilaka's Chinaman explore cricket's most arcane skill: the art of spin bowling.

1 November, 2010

Joel Krupa

The Promise of an African Pot

The World Cup and South Africa

12 October, 2009

James Appell

Dirty Games

Do Cheaters Help Sport Prosper?

1 June, 2009

Mark Baker

The Spectre of the Hooligan

Anastassia Tsoukala's Football Hooliganism in Europe: Security and Civil Liberties in the Balance

23 February, 2009

James Appell

Dividing Opinion

An exchange with sports writer Martin Samuel

2 February, 2009

James Appell

More Than a Game?

Sport and the Ivory Tower