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4 July, 2019

‘Each Other’s Fires’

Lisa Taddeo, Three Women

15 June, 2019

Pasquale S. Toscano


Richard Powers, The Overstory

11 June, 2019

Go In Peace: On erasure and the neo-Western politics of resistance in Filho and Dornelles’ Bacurau

7 June, 2019

Xavier Buxton

Extreme Contemporaries

Simon Critchley, Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us

24 May, 2019

Philip Murray Wilson


Fredric Jameson, Allegory and Ideology

21 May, 2019

Ioan Marc Jones

The poetic in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red

17 May, 2019

Mirela Ivanova

Beyond Balkanism

Diana Mishkova, Beyond Balkanism

8 May, 2019

Gabriella Attems

the surface of my stainless steel piece is pure sex

14 March, 2019

Daniel Kodsi

At an Intimate Distance

27 February, 2019

Pasquale S. Toscano

Between virtue and vice